Responsible buying

Buying La Despensa de La Siberia products means much more than an exchange of products for money. When you purchase a product through La Despensa de La Siberia,you are making a purchase that provides added value, reflected in a social and environmental effect that impacts directly in a certain region, called La Siberia,located in Extremadura (Spain), and it is that somewhere you have to start to get to change the consumption habits that are preserving the health of people and the planet.

Our origin

Our story

La Despensa de La Siberia arises as a response to the need to promote efficiently the producers of the region of La Siberia,who have been striating for so many years, handcrafting natural foods, the old-fashioned way, without preservatives or artificial dyes.

From La Despensa de La Siberia we enhance the development of our region, a development that helps the conservation of the natural space that we mostly occupy and that UNESCO has recognized by naming the La Siberia Biosphere Reserve. A development that is sustainable in itself, for which we rely on artisans whose actions materialize directly in the economic development, social development and environmental protection of La Siberia.

Sustainable production for the benefit of all


Develop and enhance the artisanal fabric of La Siberia,through the direct marketing of its products promoting the sustainable development of the region.


Bring to every corner of the planet artisan products from La Siberia,maintaining its sustainable development, efficiently and having grown in number of inhabitants attracted by it.


All the artisans who market their products through La Despensa de La Siberia have in common that they make their products looking for maximum purity, avoiding as much as possible any artificial food additive, making them even healthier.


The process of selling through La Despensa de La Siberia tries to reduce the distribution chain, thus allowing greater return for the craftsman, performing its digital transformation to connect with the tastes of the current customer and adapt to changes in future consumption habits.


“Five stars, keep it up”

A great presentation, I loved undoing the loop and opening the box. He reminded me of my children’s birthday parties.

You can see that the products are natural. But I don’t know why you don’t explain that they can be mixed, for example cheese with honey or jam. I’ve loved it.

I honestly never thought a jam or a cheese would surprise me, but yours have. Congratulations