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La Siberia

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Our artisan products

The products we offer you come exclusively from La Siberia, a region located in Extremadura (Spain) of great natural wealth, to such an extent that in 2019 it has been recognized as a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO.

The products offered have been handcrafted, using traditional recipes that prioritize the quality and naturalness of the products over the volume produced, favoring the sustainability of the resources, and offering a final result that surprises any palate.

100 Sustainable production

Our products

We are committed to the sustainable development of the region of La Siberia

Natural selection

All our products are handcrafted and seasoned with a lot of love and passion, always thinking of liking you.

In the process of selecting our products we seek to:

  1. Craftsmanship.
  2. Top quality products.
  3. Natural ingredients.
  4. Promote the sustainable development of the region.

Because we are aware that we are what we eat and that our actions condition the future of our region, and ultimately of our planet, we want to help draw a better picture for everyone, starting with what is in our hands.


extra virgin olive made with organically grown olives.


natural directly from the hive to the consumer


Grandma’s recipe, without artificial dyes or preservatives.


producción sostenible

The artisans, aware of the need to take care of the natural environment in which they are located, the La Siberia Biosphere Reserve and its surroundings, extract the raw material without harming the natural resource from which it comes and when the legislation allows it to prepare its preservatives or artificial dyes avoiding over-contamination of water. Likewise, they try to eliminate the use of plastics in their production processes. They seek to create jobs in unpopulated rural environments and promote equality. You can learn more in sustainable buying.

no intermediaries

Thinking of you

By minimizing the distribution chain, we reduce to the maximum the costs of marketing the products that we put on your table, bringing you natural products, quality products at the best price, because La Despensa de La Siberia acquires directly the products to the craftsman, to give them directly to you.

In this way, we facilitate the meeting between the artisans and you, who would otherwise be unlikely to have the opportunity to taste these delicacies.

We want to surprise you with every shipment, in every new product we offer you, in every detail. You are the most important thing to us and for you we strive every day.

Thank you so much for trusting us.

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